Beautiful Minds of Medan 05

And though the sad story does not end here. Most of them grew up being neglected in their own home, misunderstood, left alone to figure out life all by themselves. It’s both painful and fulfilling to be next to these children for a few days. I tried hard to keep the camera rolling, to the best of my ability and I did try to freeze time along the way. This is their story:

Name: Wilson. It is with him that we have spent longer time with just because he chose to stayed during one of our interview shoot. I remember talking to him in Bahasa just to get him to smile and pose for my camera, and he willingly obliged. I won’t forget how keeps calling me “abang” (meaning older brother).

The reality of my experience with these young handicapped people is, they are probably the most authentic human beings I have been in touch with.

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